General Information / FAQs

LPK Musubu is committed to training the highest standard of Indonesian employees and connecting them with Japanese companies of the utmost quality. We look for potential employees with high work ethic, morality, self-confidence, and an adventurous spirit to work and travel abroad.

We screen our potential employers for honesty, transparency, and absolute care and respect for employees and their health, safety, and wellness. LPK Musubu strives to imprint satisfaction and pride in all interactions.

Apply: Start by filling out an application form which can be downloaded from our website at, collect one at our Ubud office, or if your school is one of our partners, at its information desk. Attach any of the requested documents and we will contact you once we receive it.

We teach you the Japanese language with a level of proficiency as determined by your occupation and Japanese law. This can range from three months to longer. We also train you on Japanese culture, healthy living, financial planning, and workplace wellness.

Most of our recruits will need to take a language proficiency exam in order to qualify for employment in Japan. Do not worry! LPK Musubu and its teachers will make sure you are confident and ready to pass your exam when the time comes.

Contract lengths vary depending on the company and work required, but most will last three years in length.

Yes you will need an active and valid passport to qualify for employment. If you don’t already have one, we will assist you in obtaining one.

The costs vary depending on a few factors such as the number of training months required. we offer finance instalments to help you easily afford the programme. for our students if required in partnership with BNI (terms and conditions apply). If you would like more information regarding cost or financial assistance, please contact us directly at +62-813-9242-7513

While these wages can vary according to occupation, most can expect to earn between IDR 15-20 million per month.

You must be between 19-35 years old and in good health. We do medical exams and  background and criminal checks on all of our applicants to ensure we are accepting only the best.

Working internationally promotes growth, diverse work exposure, cultural awareness, and other invaluable benefits.

If you have any other questions or would like assistance please contact us at +62-813-9242-7513 or