Ginou Jisshusei (Apprenticeship)

The Ginou Jisshusei program is job training in Japan which only has a work period of 3 years in which the work is supervised by staff who are more experienced in the process of producing goods and services at the company.

6 advantages of participating in ginou jisshu (apprenticeship)

does not require a Japanese language certificate

You can take part in job matching even if you don't have a Japanese language certificate.


You can save more during your 3 years internship in Japan.

we help you until you return home

We will continue to monitor and help until you return home (until the contract ends).

Studying Japanese Technology

In accordance with its objectives, the Ginou Jisshu program helps you to learn Japanese technology for later application in your home country.

Experience Working Abroad

The experience of working abroad is very valuable experience and will be a selling point for your future career. Additionally, the experience of working abroad will change your life 180 degrees.

Best Investment

Most ginojisshu programs are paid. However, you should not assume that these costs are out-of-pocket costs. You must assume that the money you spend is your investment. Even if you spend tens of millions now, the money will be returned 10 times in 3 years. Apart from that, the unforgettable experience of working in Japan, language skills, and other skills you gain during your internship will be the best investment for your life.

Available vacancies

Agriculture & Food Processing

Terms :
1. Male or female
2. Maximum age 18-30 years
3. Min SMA/SMK graduate
4. Physically and Spiritually Healthy
5. No tattoos or piercings
6. Have no criminal record