Welcome to LPK Musubu

Musubu means ‘connection’ in Japanese. At LPK Musubu we want to connect quality Japanese employers with the very best of the Indonesian workforce.

Our main guiding principles are integrity, responsibility, and collaboration so you can be sure your experience will be of the highest standards.

Why LPK Musubu?

Increase Confidence–Learn a new language, travel internationally, and receive on-the-job training in a high-tech and progressive country.

Gain International Experience–Get invaluable international experience in your industry. Learn the highest standards of work in Japan while attaining skills that put you ahead.

Live in Japan–Live within a new culture and build a community abroad. Make lifelong friends and memories along the way.

Earn an International wage–Enjoy the benefits of working abroad with a competitive salary.

Adventure–Jumpstart this new chapter of your life today!

  • Highly-Qualified Multinational Team
  • High level of care of recruits, scheduled contact, open door communication policy
  • Well-rounded approach to study
  • Carefully vetted and selected employers, fair pay and conditions
  • Supportive services at every step of the recruitment process
  • Recruits deposito returned at end of tenure
  • Adventure–Jumpstart this new chapter of your life today! Apply now and view details