“Connecting the best Indonesian recruits with quality Japanese employers”.

“LPK Musubu is a recruitment company which offers Japanese language and culture training for recruits. Once they pass a Japanese language test LPK Musubu sends them to Japan for full-time employment.”

D.Aloysia Trombine, SH.
(Indonesia registered solicitor)


Yofani (Vonny) Francis Yuki

Deputy, Finance & Partnerships

Ni Luh Gede Trisna Dewi

Japanese expert teacher

Our Philosophy

Musubu acts as a collaborative bridge between the Indonesian workforce and Japanese enterprises. Through a careful selection process we enroll Indonesian nationals, train them and provide them with financially lucrative and safe job opportunities in Japan. We offer our Japanese employing companies only the best recruits, to help ensure their continued business success. 

Our core principles are “integrity”, as we work with a firm adherence to our code of conduct, “collaboration”, as we are working jointly with others, and ‘responsibility” as even when our recruits have finished their training with us, we still maintain relationships with them, to ensure they are safe and that our employers are also satisfied with their work. 

This is why our code of ethics reads “Musubu works with integrity, respecting the value of each individual we connect with, recruit or employer representative. We take our role seriously and act responsibly to preserve the safety of both our recruits and employers, and we expect the same of them”.